We specialize in providing top level suspension tuning and service for the off-road motorcycle enthusiast. From the recreational rider to top level racers, everyone can benefit from a Riders Edge custom tuned chassis. We also provide chassis lowering with 30+ years of experience in the motorcycle industry. Since 2012, CGRT has been an authorized service and installation center for Riders Edge Suspension.

Introduced by Ian McKill the creator of Rider’s Edge Suspension, Rider’s Edge Suspension has been performing quality suspension repairs since 1996. Ian is a top pro rider, 2006 ODR Champion, ISDE silver medalist, World Enduro competitor, Canadian Enduro competitor, Vet Motorcross rider, and continues to test and develop suspension at the highest level.

Catering to the top Motorcycle Athletes in Western Canada confirms that Rider’s Edge holds the highest standard in suspension performance tuning. Ian has been setting up ‘Certified Service Centres’ to better service his customer base. Lee Fryberger has completed training and CGRT is now a ‘Certified Service Centre’.

Our passion for motorcycling and drive to make suspension perform at peak levels; along with over 20 years’ experience in the motorcycle industry, has made us proven leaders in suspension upgrades.

Having your suspension work for your riding style, weight and height is the foundation to your riding enjoyment. Ride Faster, Safer, and in more control with Riders Edge.


As a company, and as individuals, we strive to have a positive impact on all those who come into contact with us. Allow us to be your preferred, and most trusted resource, for all your off road motorcycle needs.


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